Standard Motorcycle (Trike, Snowmobile) Trailer With Body

2 460,00 €

Standard Motorcycle (Trike, Snowmobile) Trailer With Body

Meant for transporting any equipment or cargo, can accommodate 1 big motorcycle (chopper, cruiser or tourer) or 2 middle sized motorcycles (sport, enduro, street, cross-country), 3-4 scooters, 1 trike or quadracycle, 10-12 bicycles or e-bikes.

Its standard option is equipped with a spring-shock absorbing suspension, optionally a torsion bar suspension can be installed.

Rectangular body panels are good for advertisement placement.

Bevelled front panel reduces air resistance, improving trailer’s aerodynamic streamlining.

Rear panel is a ramp making loading and unloading more comfortable.

It can be equipped with any kind of anchorage according to your order.

V-roof increases stiffness of the body frame.

Its full weight is up to 750 kg, which makes it easy to tow by practically any car.


Sizes, mm:
Total Length: 4000
Body Length: 3000
Outside Width: 2000
Overall Height: 2010
Tailgate Opening Width: 1340
Tailgate Width: 1400
Tailgate Length: 1340
Deck Height Above Ground: 300
Interior Width : 1500
Empty weight: 340 kg
Axle capacity: 750 kg
Carrying Capacity: 410 kg
Tire Size: 155/70R13



Security coupler lock.


  • Electric brakes and breakaway system;
  • Matching spare wheel, tire and interior mount.


  • 14-pin, 17-pin, or 22-pin connector;
  • Interior 12 volt accessory receptacle;
  • Full function security system w/ wireless remote (brakes required).