Streamline Flip Top Motorcycle Trailer

4 980,00 €

Streamline Flip Top Motorcycle Trailer

This trailer is perfect for towing and protecting your motorcycle.


  • Aerodynamic, and easy to tow by any vehicle;
  • Spring assisted loading ramp to get your bikes in and out;
  • Fits most all motorcycles on the market;
  • NEW Aluminum chassis and tailgate frame.

When you buy an Lorgano Trailer, you get a beautiful, safe durable trailer built especially to haul motorcycles and so fully equipped that you don’t need much else to be ready to load and go. We strongly recommend ride-in step-off wheel chocks, D-rings and a mounted spare, just-in-case. Electric brakes are optional depending on where and how you tow, how heavy you plan to load your trailer and what you tow with.

Unlike some fiberglass sports trailers, this trailer doesn’t have to be painted after you get it. They come with a glossy white gelcoat finish—the same exterior finish that boat manufacturers use. It’s extremely bug and chip resistant and with a good coat of wax twice a year, it will shine for years to come.

On the inside, there is no bare metal, bare plywood, or paper-thin white panel board. Instead, the insides of our trailer is completely finished. The fiberglass upper walls and the inside surface of the fiberglass top are smooth to the touch and painted light grey. The lower walls are a color-matched matte finish gelcoat as is the specially designed non-skid floor.

There are many ways to customize a Lorgano trailer. From wheel chocks, d-rings and ratchet straps to a custom paint job to match your vehicle, we have everything you need to make trailering safe, painless, and fun. If there’s something you need that’s not on our options list, just give us a call: we can probably help.

Shipping Worldwide.


  • Aerodynamic, lightweight, low maintenance body;
  • Quality-crafted fiberglass with shiny white gelcoat finish;
  • Strong, lightwight aluminum chassis;
  • Stainless steel tailgate handle, lock and latch rods;
  • Telescoping aluminum stabilizers at each rear corner;
  • Flip top with spring assist and support arms;
  • Spring assisted tailgate/loading ramp;
  • Coupler lock;
  • Rubber bumpers on tailgate cover;
  • Heavy duty tailgate hinges;
  • Diamond plate threshold cover;
  • Galvanized front rolling jack;
  • Safety chains.


  • Non-skid gelcoat finish on loading ramp and floor;
  • Exterior latex paint on upper walls and top;
  • Smooth gelcoat finish on lower.


  • Junction box wiring for all rear lights;
  • Extra bright exterior LED lights;
  • Incandescent interior lights;
  • 12-pin DIAB P12 connector.


Equipped with high quality German torsion axles AL-KO.

Also, the standard option of the trailer is equipped with highly
durable steel rims “KRKZ” and tires “ROSAVA" produced in Ukraine.
According to your order we can install any rims and tires, you can
also choose our optional alloy rims or tires produced in Europe, or
you can purchase a trailer without rims and tires (it will lower the
cost by 80 Euro) and buy them by yourself, following your own taste.


Sizes, mm:
Total Length: 4690
Body Length: 3840
Outside Width: 2075
Overall Height: 2010
Tailgate Opening Width: 1340
Tailgate Opening Height (top closed): 1310
Tailgate Opening Height (top open): 1920
Tailgate Width: 1400
Tailgate Length: 1340
Deck Height Above Ground: 300
Interior Width at Wheel Well: 1520
Interior Width at Mirrors and Bars: 1470
Interior Width at Bags: 1520
Interior Height (top closed): 1580
Interior Height (top open): 2150
Empty weight: 320 kg
Axle capacity: 750 kg
Carrying Capacity: 430 kg
Tire Size: 175/70R14



  • Custom pin striping and graphics (mild to wild);
  • Custom automotive paint with invisible gravel shield;
  • Security coupler lock.


  • Electric brakes and breakaway system;
  • Matching spare wheel, tire and interior mount;
  • Exterior wheel block and lug wrench kit.


  • 14-pin, 17-pin, or 22-pin connector;
  • Interior 12 volt accessory receptacle;
  • Full function security system w/ wireless remote (brakes required).


  1. Aerodynamic shape reduces fuel consumption and makes transportation much easier, allowing the towing car to maneuver better (it feels like you are moving with no trailer at the back, you just need to take its dimensions into account when turning);
  2. In case of an unpredictable situation our trailer will take the hit, minimizing any harm to the motorcycle that is being transported or eliminating it at all (while in an open trailer motorcycle can get severe damage);
  3. Our trailer can be used as a garage for a motorcycle and the fact that it’s equipped with a theft-prevention mechanism and a wheel locking system is a serious way to keep car thieves away;
  4. It's hermetic and fully protects a motorcycle from external impact of weather conditions: perfect for storing a motorcycle out of season or during long breaks between trips;
  5. Aside from the motorcycle you can load numerous useful goods in it;
  6. When camping, you can use it as a tent;
  7. It can serve as an effective location for commercials of your company.