The aerodynamic design reduces fuel consumption and simplifies transport, facilitating maneuvering

In the loaded state, a low center of gravity increases the stability of the trailer on the road

The trailer is equipped with a reliable lock which represents a major obstacle for thieves

The opening roof allows to comfortably place and fix the motorcycle in the trailer

In the event of unforeseen situations, the trailer will take the main hit on itself, minimizing or completely eliminating damage to the transported motorcycle (in the case of an open trailer, the motorcycle can be seriously damaged)

A small angle of entry into the trailer facilitates loading / unloading of the motorcycle

Hermetic, it completely protects the motorcycle from the influence of the external environment: ideal for storing the motorcycle out of season or for a long period between trips

It can serve as an effective advertising surface for your enterprise

During camping, biker and sports events, the trailer is used as a comfortable, durable tent


Length (with / without brake) 183.1//74.8 in
Width 79,1 in
Height 79,1 in
Distance between the center of the hitch and the rear of the trailer (with / without brake) 183.5 / 175,2 in
Loading area length 129,1 in
Rear overhang 53,5 in
Ground clearance 9,4 in
Gross weight 1655 lb
Payload 662 lb
Technically permissible hitch weight 165 lb
Full axle load distribution 1518 lb
Hitch Load Distribution 134 lb
Maximum speed (with / without brake) 62 / 49 mph
Axis track 5,76 - 5,81 ft
Axle type torsion
Suspension travel 3,7 - 3,74 in
Axis resource 125000 mi
Disc options R14 5.5J PCD 4x98 D58.6 ET35
Braking system AL-KO 1636G
Trailer brake AL-KO 60S / 2 B: E1 55R-01 0225