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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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What is the minimum quantity of trailers should be ordered by a dealer?

The minimum order is 1 trailer. But to optimize the shipping costs, we recommend ordering 3 trailers (40ft container).

What will be my shipping costs for the delivery of a trailer?

It depends on the freight costs of a container Odessa – New York, Baltimore or any other port in US and delivery from a port to your warehouse..

Do the trailers undergo a pre-sale preparation before the delivery?

Yes, all trailers are thoroughly washed in and out, and outside surface of the body is polished. After pre-sale preparation, the trailers are completely wrapped in stretch film
What margin can a dealer expect?

We produce the best fiberglass closed-top trailers for transporting motor vehicles at the best price

Profitability can be maximized at the dealer level. Dealer margin expectations may vary depending on the local market and competitive environment.

I have no time to deal with customs clearance, can you help me with this?

We carry out customs clearance on a turnkey basis, cooperate with the best customs brokers in the US.

Can Lorgano LLC assist me with marketing?

We are engaged actively in online marketing and redirect all interested customers for buying a trailer to the nearest dealer, which will increase your sales in addition to your main customers